Mighty Jamma

Welcome to MIGHTY JAMMA’S world of pan!!! I started playing music at a very early age, jamming on pots and pans etc. When I was 9 years old… (Read more)

Jamani Stewart

Jamani has been surrounded in music from his birth.  At home music is played all the time, so from a baby he would…(Read more)


Aunty Ange

Aunty Ange performs in full traditional Caribbean costume, the repertoire includes folk songs like Linstead Market, Come Back Liza… (Read More)


Barry Stewart aka Mackadub

Barry Stewart has been involved in music for over forty years, during that time he has developed a keen ear on the dynamics…(Read More)

Jamma Offical

Hearts Aglow Records

Hearts Aglow Records is an independent record label Jamma set up to record his music. You will find many interesting albums, with different…(Read More)

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