Steelpan & Carnival Workshops

Steelpan & Carnival Workshops

Hearts Aglow Records offer workshops that covers many different areas of Caribbean music & culture. The workshops are compact, full of valuable information that opens a brand new appreciation of the natural things we love in life like the Steelbands & Carnival.

Session covers aspects of the history of the Steelpan, and how they are made, also a live demonstration of various forms of music that can be played on Steelpan, part of the session will include a hands-on experience, giving a few students and staff the chance to play the Steelpan.

We also encourage schools who have percussion instruments, i.e. shakers, tambourine, bongos etc to have these available on the day so that a few of the students can take part in the percussion element of the music. The workshops climax with singing, dancing and a carnival procession.

We cater for all age groups, can accommodate assembly size groups giving everyone the chance to enjoy the experience.

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