Having a birthday party and want to add that tropical Steelpan flavour, Hearts aglow have just what you are looking for, reliable friendly professional Steelpan players with years of experience.

Music ranging  from easy listening back ground music to pulsating Caribbean hits, like Hot Hot Hot, One Love, Kingston Town, Island in The Sun Yellow Bird, also we perform  Salsa, hits like Brazil, Valora and lots more, we also play great ballads for couple to dance to, modern songs by artist like Adel, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj the list goes on and on. We can safely say are music caters for all age groups.

Our Job is to entertain  you and your guest and this is something we take a lot of pride in, ensuring that throughout our performance we play something for everyone. It can be quite a pleasure to see when playing at an 18 year olds party and seeing the Great/Grandparents waltzing around the room to Spanish eyes or Beguine the Beguine, showing the youngsters they still have it in them.

Thank you for supporting quality steel pan music. We guarantee our entertainment will make your event memorable and enjoyable. We have combos, fee rates to suit your occasion and budget.  

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