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Hearts Aglow Records

For Best in Steelpan Music

Hearts Aglow Records is an independent record label Jamma set up to record his music. You will find many interesting albums, with different styles of music, recorded by an artist who has dedicated 30 years of his life to developing his musical career . Hearts aglow records also feature World Renowned Panist & arranger from Trinidad & Tobago, Yohan Popwell, & the son of the Mighty Jamma Jamani Stewart who is a very multi talented youngster , who is making great head way with a Steelpan music fusion with Rap & R&B.

Hearts Aglow Records was formed 2000 due to the demand Jamma was getting from the public to purchase his music. As a Recording artist Jamma has manage to find a unique style of playing the steelpans that can only be described as pure sound & pure love. “Food for the soul”.

Mighty Jamma’s music is full of excitement, different moods & emotions, if you are the sort of person that likes up beat & party music , even when you are doing your house work, Bumcy Party pack is the one for you. Mighty Jamma also caterers for the mellow moods, for the kind of people that at times likes to allow their minds to drift away in a world of peacefulness & tranquility Cool Evenings & Relaxing Nights selections are recorded especially for you, as well as the Reggae Pan Classic series, & the Traditional Caribbean flavours. Treasured Moments, & The Sun, brings that warm Caribbean feeling strait into your home.

Mighty Jamma plays & provides Music for all year round, Reggae Pan Christmas & Carols on Steel are unique albums full of interesting arrangements of popular Christmas Carols that you will defiantly enjoy. Original Caribbean Jazz arrangement, s Gospel & lots more. Mighty Jamma has an encyclopedia of music for you to enjoy.

Hearts Aglow Records can proudly say the name speaks for it self, with countless story’s of customers who have said they are constantly playing their CD’s over & over again & getting endless pleasure, we know we are keeping many Hearts Aglow. From Customers who have used the music for therapy, funerals, party?s, relaxations, Carnivals, TV & Radio Stations, the list goes on and on.

With a full production team working to ensure every note & sound is played precise, & capturing all the instruments at the correct levels, ensures?s that nothing is lost within the recordings. & the finished product. Our aim is to ensure you?re order is dispatched to you immediately in top class conditions so that you can enjoy this great music at your own personal leisure. Feel free to place your order.Hearts Aglow Records offers 1st class delivery anywhere in the world.

The music is created from the Heart to be shared with you, Hearts Aglow thank you for your support, we will continue doing what we love, creating great music, from the Heart, to be share with people like you.

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