Barry Stewart aka Mackadub

Barry Stewart aka Mackadub

Musician Producer Engineer

Barry Stewart has been involved in music for over forty years, during that time he has developed a keen ear on the dynamics and levels required for the production of a wide range of music.

Greenbeat Music, the music production company established by Barry Stewart is the co-founder of the very popular ‘Reggae Pan’ Series. The ‘Reggae Pan’ series started off with Reggae Pan Christmas, then Reggae Pan Gospel – Mom Songs, and onto Reggae Pan Classics all of which are very popular steel pan albums.

Having been involved in recording of steel pans for over 30 years he has discovered the exact range and recording frequencies required to project the full range and notation of the steel band. You can find a great example of this from the album      ‘The Voices of Pan’. On this album the full range of steel pans have been recorded and mixed into one beautiful sound of popular gospel songs.

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