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Mighty Jamma

His World of Pan

I started playing music at a very early age, jamming on pots and pans etc. When I was nine  years old I started  playing the bass guitar, when I was  eleven  I started  playing the steel pans,  since then I have never looked back. The pan is such a wonderful sounding instrument, which gave me a burning desire to play it to levels of excellences.

Hours of practicing and dedication certainly paid  off with the winnings of three (1987 1988, 1989) National Steel Band Soloist Championship of Great Britain.

After winning the soloist  title three times, it  inspired me to take a  more commercial look at my musical career, at that time I was  performing at many corporate events such as weddings, parties, cruise ships etc, even though I was getting a lot of work I was still  looking for a bigger and more challenging outlet for my musical  talents.

The 1990’s saw the birth of the Jamma Caribbean Jazz Band. Using the steelpan as a lead instrument, mixed with the sounds of double bass, piano and saxophones giving a new flavour to UK’s Jazz festivals.

I would regularly perform at clubs like  Ronnie Scotts, The Jazz Cafe, The Cork Jazz festival, performing with some of the greats such as Courtney Pine, Richard Bailey, Wayne Bachelor, to name a few, this brought my performances to another level. Pan In Flight, Barcelona, albums is  a  great demonstrations of  some of my compositions performed  by great international musicians.

By the late 1990’s I was expanding my musical compositions and skills with vocal tracks, that I was penning and singing. 2001 I entered the Nottinghill Carnival Calypso Monarch competition with my song entitled “Ignorance” this song was so well received I was announced Joint winner on the Night  adding another title to my bow.
Other  vocal compositions like “Bumcy Party”, “Dancing”, have proved to be real party hits, with many of the music being played on national TV and radio stations across the world.

My music has open the doors for me to perform in many different countries, Trinidad, Japan, many places in Europe and the UK to mention a few.

Most recently I composed a song with The Original Defosto who is one of Trinidad’s top Calypsoians, this composition entitled “We Come out to play” was performed by ten of Trinidad’s leading Steelbands for the Panorama Completion, 2013 Trindad was celebrating Panorama’s 50th anniversary so this was a great feeling to know my composition has made history  in such a significant year.    

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